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How do you all spend your mornings? Do you have a routine or is it a mad dash to get ready and out the door? I thought I had a morning routine, but as soon as I typed the last sentence, I realized I’m a mix. I wake up an hour before anyone else is up. I start my coffee, grab my Bible, journal, and comfy blankets. Sometimes I light a candle or 2. When my morning coffee is done brewing, I grab a favorite mug (I only have favorites now, I got rid of all the others in my attempt to minimize…story for another time), and nestle in on the couch. Our cat, Sugar always joins me. Purring and insisting on having her cheeks stroked. I oblige her as my eyes work to focus. Petting her really is my Zen. I swear my heart and breathing slightly slow down and I just take in the moment for a bit.

Then I start reading a devotion or my Bible or both. Right now, I’m in the Gospels and I’ve been enjoying picturing myself right there with Jesus. It has been an interesting perspective! I nearly always root for the underdog and I rarely “go with the crowd.” I am definitely a swim against the current kind of person. So, it’s no surprise that I gush over how Jesus responds to all the naysayers…while he loves on the sinners and outcasts. Have any of you read the book, “Wild at Heart?” It was a pivotal book for me. Since I’ve read it, I can’t help see God as a wild force. I love that! It speaks to my nature loving side.

After reading, I either spend the rest of the hour praying or journaling, sometimes both go together and my prayers are what I journal. A friend of mine recently asked me if I ever act as if Jesus is right there with me having coffee. Although I picture myself with Him when I read about Him, I had never “had coffee” with Him. She went on to say, when we have coffee with a friend, we don’t just praise them or ask them to meet our needs. We TALK to them. Engage with them. So, why not do that with Jesus? Well, that’s a fantastic idea! Doing it!

If by chance, there are a few minutes of quiet time to spare, I usually let myself dream. With or without my journal. Sometimes I just listen…and write down what I hear. It’s a lovely luxury we should all do more often.

And then it begins…sigh…the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Time to get ready, get the kids up and fed, and get out the door. I am not a fan of the hustle and bustle! I wish our days were slower…less running, more listening, no schedule. Even though we, as a family, try to not get caught up in “busyness,” it is difficult to escape all together. We all have responsibilities. People and things to take care of, work to do, errands to run. Which is why, I soak up my morning quiet time. What do your mornings look like?

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