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66 Days

I’ve read it many times. It takes 66 days of doing something to form a habit. During the tail end of last year, I became aware of something called The Last 90 Days. It was about building motivation and habits BEFORE the beginning of the new year. To go into the new year strong, with momentum. It focused on adding just 5 things every day: wake up early, get movement, drink half your weight in water (ounces not pounds), write in a gratitude journal, feed your body nutritious foods, and omit one negative habit. If these relatively simple things were done every day from October through December, you’ve just developed new habits and got rid of a bad one! I half-heartily participated. I did give up Diet coke for the last 60 days of the challenge, I did increase my water intake most days, and I started getting up even earlier. Exercise has been my struggle. I have always considered myself a fairly physical person. I love spending time outdoors, hiking, hunting, swimming, etc. However, I live in North Dakota.We have 2 seasons here. Warm and humid and subzero with extreme winds. I’m not really a fan of either. Therefore, I can’t always get my exercise while enjoying the beautiful great outdoors. I have to get it done indoors. Yuck!

Ending 2018 with intermittent early morning exercise, I decided to seal the deal and make it a habit asap. Along with that, I’ve committed to choosing healthier foods and remaining consistent with water intake. I started my new 66 day journey January 2. January 1 is a day of feasting for my Bartz family and I will never give that one up! Having successfully omitted an unhealthy habit and dabbling in additional better habits for the last 90 days, I’m feeling confident I can get this done. However, the biggest motivator to me is thinking of where I want to be in the next year, 2 years, 3 years…and to be that future me, I need to get started now. I want to be in a place where I can walk out my back door and hike, snow shoe, or cross country ski for several hours. I want to be full of life and energy every single day. So…I’ve got some work to do! I printed off a daily tracking sheet for each behavior, each sheet is 31 days. I’m not just doing this for the minimum 66 days it takes to solidify new habits, I’m going for a full 90 days.

I have seen the results of other women who have taken the 90 day challenge. Some of their changes are pretty incredible. All from committing to do 5 things every day. So, I’ll touch base here, about every 30 days. It will be a place to check-in. I haven’t even thought about this yet, but I wonder what I’ll add or delete for the 90 days after this?! Man, I love growth. It’s not easy, but it is always rewarding. What are you committed to adding or deleting from your life this year? Have you started? I’m cheering you on!

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