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Crockpot Potatoes

Every New Year’s Day, my Bartz family gets together to celebrate food and family. I love them, but let’s be honest…because it involves strudel, I’d go even if they weren’t my family. Now, this isn’t a strudel recipe, but it is mashed potatoes done right. Which really just means…they’re super yummy. Since we moved back […]

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Knoephla Soup

I wish I could introduce this knoephla soup recipe with a sentimental story about one of my German grandmas (you’ll hear me chat about them quite a bit here…they are my heroes), because I think it deserves that! Sadly, I have no memories of my grandmas making this soup. I know they did, I have

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Caramel Rolls

have a feeling…I suspect this post may very well be my most popular. I think we all know why. Funny thing about caramel rolls – not many people in the US even know they exist. Just like, I wasn’t aware there were sweet rolls until I was in high school. As far as I know,

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