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Caramel Rolls

have a feeling…I suspect this post may very well be my most popular. I think we all know why. Funny thing about caramel rolls – not many people in the US even know they exist. Just like, I wasn’t aware there were sweet rolls until I was in high school. As far as I know, […]


Let's Gather Together

Let's Gather Together is all about hardy, wholesome recipes for autumn and winter seasons. This e-cookbook is 94 pages of 44 of my favorite autumn soups, breads and desserts that are sure to become a staple at your dinner table.

Reuben Rolls


Who doesn’t love appetizers? With the Super Bowl approaching, along with St. Patty’s Day around the corner, I thought it was a great time to introduce Reuben rolls. Although, one never really needs an excuse to make Reuben rolls. Or any appetizer for that matter. They are absolutely scrumptious!!! I believe in giving credit where […]

Crescent Pizza


Crescent pizza is a quick, easy meal that’s perfect for those busy, exhausting weekdays we all have. When I was younger, my mom made crescent pizza and it was always a family favorite. I believe she got the recipe from my lovely Aunt Jude. Thanks Aunt Jude. I didn’t include any step by step pictures […]

Gingerbread Men


I love our family tradition of making gingerbread men. There’s something magical and nostalgic about our home around Christmas time. The twinkling lights from the tree, the coziness of a fire crackling in our den, arranging my favorite nativity scene, and the wonderful smell of baking gingerbread permeating the house while my kids wait in […]

Sugar Cookie


Although I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I could easily polish off a few of these sugar cookies in one sitting. For breakfast. They are just that divine. I have memories of rolling out, cutting, frosting, and decorating HUGE batches of sugar cookies at Christmas with my mom and my grandma. The entire table […]



Hey you! Thanks for stopping in! Since you're here, you're probably wondering who I am. First and foremost, I'm a mom to 3 pretty spectacular kids. I frequently attempt to win the love and affection of others by feeding them things like boozy meatloaf, freshly baked bread, soft cookies and heavenly scones.